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Dance Secrets Revealed

Proper shoes for dancing have soles which allow for spinning and sliding on the hardwood floor, i.e., dance shoes, dress shoes with leather soles or hard rubber that doesn't leave behind marks on the dance floor. Examples of improper shoes are flip flops, hiking boots, tennies or cross trainers, sandals without ankle straps, or shoes that have a deep tread. Part of the concern is the well being of the dance floor and part of the concern is for your knees, ankles and body. If you have improper shoes you'll be more likely to twist your ankle, torque your knee or even fall down when trying to do a spin.

Wear appropriate attire; clothing that allows freedom of movement. You'll start off feeling a little bit cooler (the studio is air-conditioned after all) and then will warm up as you dance. So you might want to wear extra layers that you can later remove.

Preparing for a Wedding? Here are some tips:
You must consider several things if you are learning to dance for a special event, such as a wedding or a commitment ceremony.

Ladies, please consider your gown: does it have sleeves that would prevent you from reaching your hand over your head? Does is have a long train that you might step on when bustled? Does it in any way prevent easy movement?

Gentlemen, do the shoulders of your tuxedo's jacket lift up when you raise your arms into a dancing position? Many do and if so, should not be worn while dancing. Consider the shoes you'll be wearing. You should wear the same type of shoes to your dance lesson.

For you both, what are the dimensions of your dance floor? Bring them to the lesson and that way your instructor will know whether or not you can do that lofty and large Waltz you've been wanting to. What surface will you be dancing on? Is it safe for the shoes and clothing you will be wearing?

Finally, choose a few pieces of music before you go to your first lesson and take the selections with you. It will be much easier for the instructor to know what dance to teach you! Think about what style of dance you would like and how dramatic (or not!) you would like it to be. Communicate these things to the instructor right away and you will be more likely to get what you've envisioned.

Dance Floor Etiquette
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How Did "Technique" Get to Be A Dirty Word?
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Places to buy proper dance shoes:

  • Glass Slipper - 3106 NE Broadway Street, Portland -- 503.282.0069
  • The Leotard - 1009 NE Lloyd Center, Portland -- 503.284.9244
  • Dance Happy Shoes - 70110 Running Horse Ct., Sisters, OR 97759 -- 541.504.2468, FAX - 541.504.2462

Dance-related Businesses and/or Links

  • Sesame Dance Club - 111 NE 11th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97232 -- 503.296.6399
  • Glass Slipper - 3106 NE Broadway Street, Portland, Oregon 97232 -- 503.282.0069
  • The Leotard - 1009 NE Lloyd Center, Portland, Oregon 97232 -- 503.284.9244
  • Carrie B's Dance Shop - 2536 SE 122nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97236-3101 -- 503.254.1164

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